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Our workflow restricts access to your streams to only the clients that you explicitly authorize. It is the responsibility of your application to authorize your clients accordingly and provide them with EdgeAuth tokens generated with our EdgeAuth libraries.

The recommended approach is to use our channel and room API and manage access for your users based on channels/rooms.

Using our EdgeAuth libraries you can create tokens:

  1. To publish to a channel/room

  2. To view a channel/room

  3. To access live streams via HLS/DASH

  4. Any other type of access. Please contact your primary Phenix technical support contact so we can advise you on the best way to use EdgeAuth tokens for your use case.

In additional, when you create EdgeAuth access tokens you can associate tags with each them, for example, to map users to your internal accounting system or to generate billing reports for your customers. These tags will be available for filtering and as an output column when you generate usage reports.

Channel Viewing Workflow

In order to permission your users to access your channels:

  1. You create an EdgeAuth token which is configured to access the channel for each individual user or, alternative at your discretion, groups of users.

  2. You pass that token from your backend to the user’s device.

  3. Use one of our SDKs to access the channel with the EdgeAuth token.

  4. Monitor the client-side APIs for when you need to provide a new token to the SDK, for example, when the token expired.