Verizon Partners with Phenix

Verizon Media has partnered with Phenix Real Time Solutions to enable sub-second latency for live sports at scale

Real-Time at scale is a reality

Phenix has solved the problem of sub-second latency at scale.

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For the first time, scalable real-time streams

We provide high quality synchronous video with less than 500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency at broadcast scale, anywhere in the world.

Patent Pending Technology

Synchronized viewing experience

A method for synchronizing applications’ consumption of remote data enables users to watch real-time content in the same frame at the same time regardless of the device, OS, or location.

Flash crowds

Artificial intelligence algorithms autonomously provision resources in seconds to avoid platform failure.

Features / Tech

Global real-time IP distribution
Real-time analytics
High availability distribution
Edge transformation & failover
Standard compliance & security
Standard compliant with support for global delivery across all devices with 3-10 Seconds End-to-End Latency
On-site multi-bitrate ingest and distribution encoding, including DRM, handing off to CDN
CDN agnostic with support for single or multiple CDN deployments and multiple Players
Utilize standard and/or preferred DRM vendors
Track key metrics including time to first frame, session-level data, geographies
  • 72%

    anticipate a latency issue while they watch a game *

  • 64%

    expect buffering *

  • 63%

    sports watchers are reluctant to sign up or re-subscribe to sports live streaming platforms in 2018 *

    *Source:YouGov "Sports Streaming Wars" Nov, 2017
  • 51%

    viewers say they stop watching after 2 or 3 attempts when they encounter buffer delays, while 28% stop after encountering just one problem **

    ** Oct, 2017

Phenix has solved the
iron triangle of real-time:
latency, scale and quality We wanted to provide these world class athletes with a world class experience. Delivering Full HD 1080p content across the world with less than ½ second of delay is a massive undertaking, and Phenix was the only company we met with that could make this possible. Mark Stewart, CEO Cutting from questions to the Phenix real-time audience cam video feed for the Oscars was amazingly fast, and perfect for me with only one bar LTE mobile. Parker Tilley, Senior Manager Product Management Being able to utilize genuine real-time streaming has allowed us to unify video and interactivity on mobile for the first time. Working with Phenix allows us to create and deploy new genres of interactive content around the world. Jeroen Elfferich, Co-Founder & CEO

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Phenix drives revenue

With faster TTFF and real-time streaming, you have more interaction which leads to increased engagement and increased revenue. Find out how we can take your business to the next level.

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