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Phenix is an exciting and fast-growing high-tech company that is changing how people connect. Our technology revolutionizes real-time content delivery and provides means for human connection in the digital age.

Our headquarters are in Chicago's blossoming technology epicenter in the River North neighborhood, though our team is located around the world. We are always looking for talented people to join our ranks — focused, dedicated, inspired, fun people who are ready to make things happen.

We take pride in how we build our systems, mentor our team members and interact with our customers. We follow the manifesto for agile software development and practice SOLID object-oriented design. Most of us have extensively used many programming languages during our careers. We see programming languages as the means of getting things done, not the essence of what defines us as engineers. We become experts in new technologies not because it is exciting (it is!) but because it enables us to create something better and faster. We strive for end-to-end perfection in delivering flawless features to our customers. A happy customer is the ultimate reward for our time. We are egoless because we believe that everyone can learn something from everyone else.

Open Position

Video Engineer

As a Video Engineer you will help deliver state-of-the-art video playback experiences that allow users to stay engaged in the interactive video experiences that we deliver via our real-time streaming platforms.

We Are Looking For Someone Who:

  • Has knowledge & experience related to video streaming, cloud computing, and computer science
  • Understands the impact of delivering high quality, non-buffering playback experiences to users across a wide range of networks and devices
  • Has a proven ability to improve on existing practices and thrive in a culture that consistently delivers high quality software in a rapidly changing market
  • Thrives in a fast-paced startup environment and is capable of anticipating and meeting business demands
  • Is an effective communicator with other engineers as well as colleagues on the business side
  • Operates with a sense of urgency and has a demonstrated ability to self-motivate and push projects through from inception to post-production release
  • Values accountability and displays a high degree of integrity


  • Optimize video and audio codec usage, compression and platform support
  • Create and optimize support for additional codecs such as VP9, AV1, H265
  • Implement systems and feedback loops that allow us to optimize for KPIs related to the video playback experience
  • Collaborate with our DevOps team to put in place methods and tools for state-of-the-art content delivery
  • Collaborate on building a content encoding pipeline that encodes content using state-of-the-art methods
  • Partner with internal teams to troubleshoot streaming challenges across all supported platforms
  • Work with DRM vendors and solutions to provide studio-compliant DRM playback across all platforms
  • Follow standards bodies around audio and video compression codecs and device playback capabilities (SMTPE, W3C, DASH-IF, AV1, HDR, et al.)


  • BS in Computer Science
  • 4+ years of working with common encoding software such as ffmpeg, Elemental and similar
  • 4+ years of experience coding with C/C++

Bonus Points:

  • Hardware accelerated encoding and decoding experience
  • Video encoding and decoding on mobile devices (Android & iOS)


  • Located in downtown Chicago (River North neighborhood)
  • Competitive benefits package
  • Collaborating with and learning from a world class team of business professionals and technologists
  • Working with a global and diverse customer base
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Open Position

Full Stack Engineer

Phenix is hiring an experienced frontend engineer to help support the ongoing development of Phenix real-time video streaming platform that provides low-latency streaming at high quality and massive scale.

A successful candidate has significant frontend development experience, is an expert in Node.js and JavaScript and has demonstrated tenacious attention to detail.

Responsibilities: Full Stack Development in Javascript (Node.js / React)


  • Experience practicing SOLID development methodologies
  • Ability to write clean modular and reusable components
  • Extensive experience with Promises (e.g. bluebird, ES6)
  • Extensive experience with Node.js
  • Familiarity with video technologies
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks such as mocha
  • Experience working on large code bases
  • Experience with message-based and service-oriented architectures
  • Experience in successful triaging issues in high-volume logs of a distributed system
  • Experience with docker
  • Familiar with ssh and bash/zsh
  • Basic familiarity with cloud platforms (gcloud, oci, azure, aws)

Helpful Skills:

  • Experience with HLS/DASH workflows
  • Experience with mission critical software environments
  • Experience with React + redux (async actions (thunk or sagas), reducers, selectors)
  • Experience with HTML5 and Modular CSS
  • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility
  • Webpack + babel/transpiling experienceExperience developing for multiple platforms (OS, devices and browsers)
  • Experience developing real-time applications
  • Experience with mobile development
  • Familiarity with amqp (RabbitMQ)
  • Familiarity with key value stores (No SQL)
  • Familiarity with web sockets
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